Live Portland Crab and Lobster

Live Crab – Cancer pagurus
Live Lobster – Homarus gammarus

The waters around the Portland coast allow crab and lobster to thrive in this rich marine environment, developing perfect flavour and texture.

Portland is unusual, go to the ‘Bill’ on a calm summer’s day and watch the sea boil. The ‘Race’ as it is known locally, is a slightly unnerving spectacle, especially if you are in it. Essentially it is the meeting of seven tidal streams that results in a maelstrom of swirling water which acts as a conveyor of food for the crustacea we sell to you.

Portland and Weymouth skippers take exceptional care with their catch and have been governed by local laws for over a century. Strict minimum landing sizes mean that nothing is landed undersize, resulting in a sustainable and economically viable fishery. It’s a system which works and is good for everyone involved in our industry.