portland shellfish rock

portland shellfish sunset

Welcome to our world, view from the Bill


Famous for 'the Race', Portland Stone and Portland Bill Lighthouse

Portland is our home and the best place in the world for shellfish, namely lobster and crabs. Our unique marine environment, where seven tidal streams meet in a maelstrom of swirling water, funnels vast quantities of food to the crustacea living in the sand and pebbles of our beaches and bays.

Portland is famous of course for the Portland Stone that built St Paul's Cathedral and Buckingham Palace, Whitehall Palace and many a cathedral. If you want the technical bit, Portland stone is a limestone from the Tithonian stage of the Jurassic period.

The quarries on the Isle of Portland have sent stone and still do all around the world, of course packed with fossils from some of the slightly earlier Portland Shellfish; next time you are near some, have a close look and you will see shellfish from millions of years ago. Ours are a bit fresher of course and we ran out of ammonites a while back...