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the stunning spider crab

Spider Crabs and Velvet Crabs

Something a little special - not always available, but when they are, what a treat!

Spider Crab - Maja squinado

In the late spring spider crab march in their millions from the deeper parts of the English Channel or la manche :-)  to spawn and moult. The sea bed can be carpeted by them; they reside there for the summer and then retreat to the deep in the autumn.

Unluckily for Spider Crabs, they taste really good, the meat is sweeter than that from brown crab meat; it is very fiddly to pick but is worth the effort.

Velvet Crabs - Necora puba

These crab have real attitude, hugely popular in Spain, this underrated crab is truly delicious. Called velvet swimming crab due to the fine downy hairs on the crabs' carapace and the fact that they swim – fast. When cooked they turn bright red; did we mention that they are delicious as well? Yes, but it's worth repeating as the flavour is fantastic.