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Razor clams

Razor Clams –


Razor clams - loved by the Romans, adored by us

Razor Clam - Ensis ensis

Probably the most interesting looking of the clam family, the razor clam lives under the sand and uses its powerful foot to dig to a safe depth. The shell looks not unlike the blade of an old school cut-throat razor, hence the name.

Razor clams are adaptable, you can find them at low tide on sandy beaches or up to a depth of 20 metres. Like other bi-valves the are filter feeders.

Our Razor clams are all dived and therefore gathered by hand, this results in zero damage to the beds unlike the hugely contentious method of hydro dredging whereby the clams are gathered by high power water jets. Depending on depth and food availability the mature clams can range from 5-14 years old. A bed will contain multiple year classes ranging from juvenials to mature adults. Unfortunately for the clams they are truly delicious gently sautéed in butter and parsley served on toast.