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Portland Shellfish - your safe port in a storm

It really is this simple - we buy local, supporting British fisherman and the UK shellfish industry - to do anything else would just be wrong.

When we see the need, we buy as much as possible, especially if we see a hurricane on the way; we have holding tanks for up to twenty tonnes of crab, so we can always supply you. The Official Secrets Act means we cant tell you exactly where in the old Naval dockyard the tanks are or what they were originally designed for, but they are the biggest we know of and they are very, very safe.

We know that when you call for an order, we will have the freshest product available because of our advance planning - and of course with a little help from the MET office and British fishermen who look after their stocks like a mother hen. This is how all the industry should be - and you won’t find exotics on our product list – ever.