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Portland's rocky shore - Shellfish Heaven

What we do

We sell shellfish by the sea shore - or rather from Portland, Dorset, the best little island in Britain.

Portland is the hub of our operation, it is here that we produce our famous crab meat and grade and pack all manner of delicious and interesting shellfish for distribution to London and the rest of the United Kingdom.

We supply restaurants, airlines, shops and bulk buyers with the finest quality shellfish. Daily deliveries to London and elsewhere mean that we are only supplying the freshest produce.

The head chef at one group of restaurants neatly summed up why he uses us:

"as the greatest seafood restaurant in London, we have a reputation to consider; we know that when we get crab and lobster from Portland, it is going to be the freshest dish that our customer has ever eaten; for us, nothing less would do".

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.